Avocado Nitrogen And Potassium Model
Field Name: Crop Year:
Area: Full Bloom Date: 
***  Crops Information   ***
***  Orchard Information   ***
Estimate Yield : lb/acre   Orchard Tree Age* :
Crop still on trees: at Full Bloom   Distance between trees : ft
Estimate Yield : lb/acre   Distance between rows : ft
Crop Harvest :   Canopy diameter : ft

*** Fertilizer Application ***
Soil type of Orchard :
Fertilizer application method :

***Available N from Field ***
Acre feet of well water applied per year feet/acre.  ** feet/acre recommended for area years old orchard.
          ** % over recommended water usage. leaching risk.   Get water usage recommendations Water S chedule Help
Water Nitrate - Nitrogen (NO3-N) concentration* ppm (mg/liter).
**If you don't know your water NO3-N level enter 0. To convert nitrate concentration to nitrate nitrogen concentration multiple by 0.23.
Last Sept. leaf total N level ** % of dry weight.**If you don't know leaf N level enter 2.2

*** Organic N ***
Manure:: Last year tons/acre
  Two year prior tons/acre

Compost: Amount(tons/acre)
  % N in compost

Legume cover crop:
Other ground cover: tons/acre

*** Potassium Application ***
Potassium fertilizer type:
Last September leaf total K level** % of dry weight **if you don't know leaf K level enter 1.0

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This program provides recommendations only and is not intended to be used as the sole source of information for making N and K fertilization decisions. Local environmental conditions can have a profound effect on fertilizer demands. The California Avocado Commission, California State University, and the University of California are not responsible for the accuracy of this model.